DVD Learn Fencing Foil Part 2 Advanced

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Available in both PAL and NTSC formats, if you order from countries that use the NTSC system we will ship the correctly formatted disk.

Basic equipment and safety aspects are covered, before proceeding to footwork in various forms; including the stance, steps forward and backward, change step (where the fencer changes direction half way through a step), lunge and recovery and the fleche. An explanation in the use of blade work, leads to the grip, the difference between guards and lines and the hit. Engagements, lead to angulation, then three types of simple attacks. These are followed by different types of parry, counter attacks, blade preparations and first counter ripostes. Compound attacks are followed by successive parries, the point-in-line, prise-de-fer attacks, d_robements, then ceding and opposition parries. Counter-time, renewed attacks and flicks come next. Free fighting finishes this sequence.

Running Time: 1hr 37 minutes


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